Scope Of Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering incorporates numerous disciplines which allow for greater scope in the possibilities of general or specialist careers open to qualified candidates. The world of automobile manufacture is a thriving market place with an ever increasing number of motor vehicles, as there are
more car, buses, trucks, recreational vehicles on the road than ever before. This in turn creates a strong demand
for good people to be able to design, manufacture and maintain the vehicles and their subsystems.

A course in Automobile Engineering should take you step by step through the design and manufacturing process of vehicles, from conception through to the point of final assembly. In the undertaking a course in Automobile Engineering it is a necessity to have a good back ground in maths and science, preferably in the arena of physics as this understanding will be vital when encountering technology incorporating mechanics, electrical motion and thermodynamics among other concepts.

Career Prospects

With global automobile giants setting up their base in the country and Indian automobile companies coming up to world standards, the opportunities and future of an automobile engineering student is positive and bold.

The automobile industry is getting more and more technology driven, hence the importance and demand for qualified technical students to take up the challenging positions are on a high.

The remunerations for an automobile engineer though are on the higher side, it depends on your institutional background and valuable experience you gain.

An automobile engineer can find job in :

1.automobile manufacturing companies, and

2.automobile parts and equipment manufacturing / assembling plants
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