Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Q.1  what is HVAC?

Ans. Heat ventilation Air Condition

Q.2  Why Isometric View Look Like 3D?

Ans. In isometric view,we take angle of 30 degree with reference line. so we look from any side we can observe three views of object with reduced scale. hence,isometric view is 3D.

Q.3 What Is Difference Between Welding and Brazing?

Ans.Welding is a process used to join to similar metals,whereas brazing is preferred to join to dissimilar metals,In welding molten metal is achieved through

resistance ( electrical circuit used) where as in brazing heating process is used to melt the filler material.

Q.4  What Are The Resource and Equipment For Measurement and How We Can Defined Measurement?

Ans scale.gauges – Slip gauge,Wire gauge,Snap gauge.Indicators- Dial Inductor.

Q.5 On Which Part Of The Flywheel Energy Will Get Be Stored?

Ans.1 Vanes

Ans.2 The Flywheel Ia A Ring Type Element Mounted On Top Of Crank Shaft. The Energy stored In that Ring Which Is Flexible And compact And Expand As Per The Load....

Q.6  How Much Fuel Is Consumed On Full For A 500KVA Diesel Generator In One Hour.

Ans. Its Depend Upon The Engine Performance Approximately 85 Liters Per Hour.

Q.7  We Can Conduct The Two Test For Pressure Vessels i.e. HYDRO and Pneumatic. Practically Which One Is Danger?

Ans. The more danger is in pneumatic test.This is b’coz the volume of air going insides the tank is more as compair to liquid which cause the shock wave after

tank blast i.e. in fail condition.Example: You can consider a case of fire works. Small body there is no liquid only shock wave generated by air. You can feel that wave.But is liquid wave propagation is much less.

Q.8  What Is The Difference Between Pipe And Tube?

Ans.1 long hollow material with capacity to bent at any point is called tube.while pipe has no capacity to bend we have to use elbow to bend it.

Ans.2 A pipe is a vessel – a tube is structural.A pipe is measured ID – a tube is measured will have a consistent OD and it’s ID will change.Engineers see tubes and pipes with different eyes.A tube is structural.By having a consistent OD they can vary wall thickness, changing the ID, to increase strength. Because they are consistent OD, they have predictable characteristics.

Q.9 As We Know That Today Vehicle’s Coming In Market Without Carburetor. In This Situation How Does The Engine Work.

Ans. Instead of carburetor, a multifuctioning fuel injector is used in order to increase the efficiency. instead of carburetors nowadays high technology fuel injector are used

Q.10 Why We Can Not Put Gas Kit In Diesel Vehicle.Please Give The Reason In Detail.

Ans. it is because diesel engines are designed to take high viscous fuel like diesel only .Also they have high compression ratio which elevate the temp. of the combustion chamber tremendously so if any petrol or LPG gas is injected in it will lead to precombustion of fuel and we will not get desired power stroke.

Q.11 What is Function Of accumulator In Hyd. Machine?

Ans.1 Accumulator Nothing But To Store The Energy In The Form Of Pressure And Flow Which Supply To System.

Ans.2 It Is a Hydraulic m/c Which Stores Pressure Energy Of Fluid And Supply It To Other m/c. e.g. Hydraulic Crane, Lift.

Ans.3 Accumulator Stores The Energy and Supplies to System Parts.

Q.12What Is Compressor?

Ans.1 Compressor Is The Device To Compress The atmospheric air, Liquid,Gases To Use For Different Works.

Ans.2 Compressor Is A Device Which Is Used For Obtaining The Required Compression Ratio Of Working Fluid as Per Different Work Area.

Ans 3. Compressor Is A Device Which Pressurize The Atmospheric Air To Use A specific Work Load.

Q.13 What Is The Function Of A Different In Vehicles?

Ans. It Is Used To Provide Differential Speed at The Rear Wheel While Turning. Due To differential The Outer Rear Wheel Is Moved Faster Than The Inner.

Q.14 When Eating Ice Cream, Why The spoon Of Wooden Material Is Always Straight And Plastic Spoon Is Always  Convex in Shape?

Ans. Because In Wooden Material, There Is Greatest Amount Of Methyl Alcohol In Which H-C Bond Occurs..Ice Cream Means Water Of One Type..Hence The Wooden spoon Is Able To Hold The Ice Cream Without Convex Shape..Unlikely In Plastic.....

Q.15 What Is The Difference Between air-Conditioner and Cooler?

Ans. Air Cooler Deals With Only Circulating Cool air Irrespective Of Heat Loads In Room....
Whereas AC Is A System Which Deals With Maintaining Temperature, Humidity, Quality(Purity) And circulation Of Air In The Room Taking Into Account The Heat Loads Of The System...

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