Pressure Measurement Devices

Gravitational transducers:

  • A dead weight tester
  • Manometer

Elastic transducers ( Force summing Transducers)

  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge
  • elastic diaphragm gauges
  • bellow gagues
  • Bellow gaugues to measure gauge pressure
  • Bellow gauge to measure differential pressure
Mcleod vacuum gague:

Thermal conductivity gauges.

Pirani gauge:

Thermocouple typre conductity gauge.

Ionisation gauge:

bulk modulus or electrical resistance pressure gauge.

The above instruments are used in following situations:

Type of pressure to be measured
Pressure Measuring instrument to be used
Low pressure
High and medium pressure
Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
Diaphragm gauge.
Bellows Gauges.
Low vacuum and ultra high vacuum
Mcleod vacuum gauge
thermal conductivity gauges.
Ionisation gauges.
Very high presures
Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
Diphragm gauge.
Bulk modulus pressure gauge.

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